Your Local Deaf Store: in Riverside, CA is offering 10% off or free shipping during the month of December – great gift ideas for someone! We opens regular hour during weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Come and shop:

                                                           – Alarm Clocks
                                                           – Signalers/Notification Systems
                                                           – Videophone Signalers
                                                           – Doorbell Signalers
                                                           – Baby Cry
                                                           – Fire and Smoke Detectors
                                                           – ASL/Novelties
9980 Indiana Ave, Suite 6
Riverside, CA 92503

For American Express Card holders: and American Express are offering $25 back.  You’ll receive a $25 American Express statement credit when you spend $25 with your American Express card at Your Local Deaf Store: in Riverside, CA on December 11th and 18th, Saturdays only from 11 am to 4 pm.

CSDR alumni owns and operates since 1990. creates “Your Local Deaf Store” place in Riverside for community of Deaf, Hearing Loss and American Sign Language where people from Southern California can come to the store to shop or to use the services.