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Energy Upgrade California

Vlog #12: Weatherization and Halloween

October 2019


FULL SCREENSHOT: DCS logo presents


FULL SCREENSHOT: Energy Upgrade California logo



This is an informational video presented on behalf of Energy Upgrade California and does not necessarily express the views of the Deaf Community Services.


The messages are educational and can assist you with managing your energy bills.  This video is approximately 3 minutes in length.


FULL SCREENSHOT: Weatherization

PIP SCREENSHOTS Window with sealed

You want to make sure that warm or cool air is not escaping through cracks and/or drafts in your doors or windows.


FULL SCREENSHOT: Image of house with features


PIP SCREENSHOT: electrical outlet, kitchen fan vent, outdoor faucet, recessed light, attic hatch, plumbing stack vent and bathroom fan vent

As demonstrated, make sure you check all your features as often as you need. That will prevent leaking warm or cool air from your house.


FULL SCREENSHOT: Image of vampire with electrical outlet, “Energy Vampire”


PIP SCREENSHOT: Images of DVD player with clock, printer with either LCD display or light on and TV running without watching

Watch out for “energy vampires”—appliances that use energy even when they’re turned off, such as a DVR player with its clock running, a printer with its light on when you are not using it, or an instant-on TV that is in standby but still plugged in.


FULL SCREENSHOT: Image of “standby” on the appliance


PIP SCREENSHOT: Image of power strip with red light on

For example, when you turn off your TV, but your TV is plugged in to the power strip, the display could still be using energy. Technically, it is still on and it is called an “energy vampire.”  Energy Vampires can add up to approximately $100 per year on your electricity bill. If you want to save some money, make sure you turn off the power strip, not just the TV.


PIP SCREENSHOT: Image of coffeemaker with the LED display

There is another example: if your coffeemaker has an LED display, it is still using energy even though you are not making the coffee.





Many residents are getting their homes ready for Halloween with spooky decorations. You can also take the time to ensure that your decorations are energy-efficient.


FULL SCREENSHOTS House with Halloween decorations


PIP SCREENSHOT: Image of green outdoor electricity outlet with timer and stake

If you’re decorating for Halloween with lights, there are a few tips such as using LED lights and using a timer so that the lights can automatically turn on after 9pm, when energy is more affordable during the off-peak hours.


FULL SCREENSHOT: Halloween Party

PIP SCREENSHOTS Image of regular dishes with green check and next to disposable ones with red X


PIP SCREENSHOTS Image of clock set at 9pm with dark outside and run the dishwasher

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, you can conserve the environment by using regular cups, plates and cutlery instead of disposable ones. And, wait until after 9pm to run the dishwasher.


PIP SCREENSHOT: Energy Upgrade California Logo with URL address

Please check out their website.


Thank you!


FULL SCREENSHOT: DCS logo “In Partnership With” Energy Upgrade CA logo



FULL SCREENSHOT: Keep it Golden image


FULL SCREENSHOT: SDG&E’s Discount Programs

CARE & FERA; https://www.sdge.com/residential/pay-bill/get-payment-bill-assistance/assistance-programs; CARE Program with ASL vlog; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8c7zT4YzR0