The image description background: Charcoal Grey  Yellow fonts: Southern California Black Deaf Advocates  Yellow fonts: Present  Yellow green red fonts: JUNETEENTH  Green fonts: CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM  One the left side there are several lines in yellow fonts: SATURDAY, JUNE 18TH. FREE ENTRY 12PM-5PM. HUNTER PARK. 1401 IOWA AVE. RIVERSIDE, CA 92501.  On the middle side: Black Hand Fist, underneath with the red letters below: JOIN US: Guest Storytellers. Asl Storyteller. Folklore. Juneteenth Historical. Games. Children Activities. The last bottom sentence is in yellow fonts: COME ONE AND COME ALL. one brown star shape. yellow fonts: CELEBRATE JUNETEENTH  On the right side there's several lines in yellow fonts: Music Food Vendors Raffle drawing. Bring your own chairs and tent. The Park includes Children’s Playground Basketball courts and Safe Sidewalks.  On the right bottom corner: there's an Interpreting Icon with light brown hands. Green fonts: ASL Interpreter Provided

Southern California Black Deaf Advocates present Juneteenth: Celebration of Freedom

Saturday, June 18th from 12 pm to 5pm

Hunter Park, 1401 Iowa Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

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