Medi-Cal’s asset limit increase means that you can have more value in the things you own, and still qualify for Medi-Cal!

Watch to understand the new limits, and learn how to apply. –

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“Medi-Cal is increasing asset limits so people may have more assets and still qualify.”

Calendar icon with July 1, 2022) Medi-Cal, California state’s medical coverage program, is increasing asset limits for people who are disabled and/or over age 65.

When? July 1, 2022. What does increasing the asset limit mean for you? Now, you are allowed to have a higher total value for the things you own.

For example: bank accounts balances, cash savings, vehicles, homes, or any other financial resources. Before, the limits were $2,000 for one person and $3,000 for couples. Now, what are the new asset limits? $130,000 for one person. Plus, for each additional family member, the limit increases by $65,000 per person. For example, in a family of three, $130,000 for the first person plus the other two people at $65,000 each means a total of $260,000 in total assets. (Table appears on left side with two columns “Household size” and “Asset limit”. 1 person : $130,000 2 people : $195,000 3 people : $260,000 4 people : $325,000 5 people : $390,000 6 people : $455,000 7 people : $520,000 8 people : $585,000) If you couldn’t qualify for Medi-Cal before because of your assets, we encourage you to apply now! If you already receive Medi-Cal and your assets follow the old limits, you can increase your asset value after July 1st! There are different ways you can qualify for Medi-Cal. If you meet one or more of the qualifications, go ahead and apply! (Medi-Cal logo and “”) What are the qualifications? Be Deaf, DeafBlind, or Deaf Disabled. Be over age 65. Be under age 21. Be in a nursing home, or intermediate care home. Be on refugee status. Be the parent or caretaker of a child who qualifies. Have been screened for breast and/or cervical cancer. Plus, if you are already part of these programs, you might qualify for Medi-Cal, too! CalFresh food stamps, SSI or SSP, CalWORKS, Refugee Assistance, and Foster Care or Adoption Assistance programs. You have different options to apply for Medi-Cal. Fill out your application and mail it, or visit your local social services office, or apply online. (Medi-Cal logo. Graphic of envelope in letter. “by mail, at your local services office,”) If you have any questions or want support, go ahead and contact us. (Contact info for GLAD, TCGLAD, CODIE, BGLAD, and OCDEAF)

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