Upcoming open caption movies for the week of August 22 – 27, 2022:
The Invitation
Orphan: First Kill
Three Thousands Years of Longing
Go to http://uh6.96e.mywebsitetransfer.com/codie.org/ocmovies/ or scan the QR code.
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[Post Description: “OPEN CAPTION MOVIES” in the black fonts. Next to it: an image of inside movie theatres with red seats: “OPEN CAPTIONS”.
White font on the black banner: “They have just updated open caption movies for the week of:”
White font on the black banner with yellow border: “Updated Open Caption Movies for the week of: (next line) AUGUST 22-27, 2022”
Left column:
Bulleted list: “Beast” (next) “The Invitation”
(next) “Orphan: First Kill” (next) “Three Thousands of Years of Longing”.
Right Column shows four movie posters in image format from left to right: Beast, The Invitation, Orphan: First Kill, and Three Thousands of Years of Longing.
A graphic image of @. Next column:
Bulleted List:
“AMC CLASSIC Apple Valley” (next)
“AMC DINE-IN Ontario Mills 30” (next)
“AMC Tyler Galleria 16” (next)
“Galaxy Theatres + Mission Grove” (next)
“Harkins Theatres”.
Next column: QR code link to CODIE.ORG/OCMOVIES
“Check updated open caption movies at CODIE.ORG/OCMOVIES”. Right column:
Gray banner: First column: CODIE (CENTER ON DEAFNESS INLAND EMPIRE) logo with yellow rain cross and arrowhead above the i. Next: “BELIEVES IN DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, & BELONGING”
Second column:
Red banner: “INCLUSIVE”
Orange banner: “EQUITABLE”
Yellow banner: “DIVERSE”
Green banner: “ACCEPTING”
Light blue banner: “WELCOMING”
Blue banner: “SAFE SPACE”
Purple banner: “FOR EVERYONE”
Third column shows an image of Pride Flag.]
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