Creating Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping gifts don’t have to be expensive. Watch this video on how to use newspaper or any wrappings to make a gift bag.

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[Opening credit: Christmas trees and presents lined up in red and white with an aqua background. Fade in: “SEASON’S GREETINGS”. Left Christmas tree turned into a Xmas spirit house.]

[Medium shot of a person, Claudia, wearing a gray sweatshirt with a hood and wearing a Festival headband with the light flashing. “Wrapping Gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can use newspaper, homemade, wrapping, and get creative with decorating. I’m going to share with you different and easy ways to wrap gifts.”: On the right side are demonstrations of different wrapping gifts.

[Close shot of Claudia’s chest and arms. On the table, red rolling paper (precut) with white paint and snowflake décor. Claudia poured the white paint onto the paper plate and platter it with the snowflake. And then Claudia stamped the snowflake on the red rolling paper. Claudia proceeds to show how to create the wrapping gift. Medium shot of Claudia standing up, showing the wrapping gift. Medium shot of different types of wrapping gifts.

Closing Credit: A white background with the CODIE logo in green, zooming in]

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