Deaf & Hard of Hearing State Workers United

Do you or someone you know work for the State of

Have you experienced:

Discrimination in promotional opportunities?

Discrimination in provision of reasonable accommodations?

Few qualified interpreters?

Pressure by management to NOT request interpreters?

Lack of understanding about disability rights?

Lack of effective emergency alert systems/training?

Isolation and lack of respect/sensitivity?

DHHSWU is a group of concerned Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Interpreters and other interested persons working in state service. Our e-mail address is dhhswu@gmail.com

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA), a non-profit law firm in Berkeley, CA is working with us to do an investigation for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and other interested persons working in state service. All information gathered by Disability Rights Advocates will be kept confidential. The survey can be completed online or by calling the DRA office. Please check it out at www.dralegal.org.

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