CODIE’s 17th Annual Children’s Holiday Drive-Thru is coming tomorrow on December 17th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. And it’s not too late to register!  

Register Now at or use the QR code to register.  

Event Location: CODIE, 1737 Atlanta Ave, Suite H3A, Riverside, CA 92507.  

For inquiries, please contact us at, 951-801-5674 videophone, and/or 951-275-5000 voice.  

#childrensholidays #drivethru #codiedeaf #happyholidays  

[Transcript “SEASON’S GREETINGS”: A black background with glitters zooming in.  

“REC”: A black background with a white border. Red dot flashes beside “REC”. A shaky effect.  

[Close shot of Lisa Lou Who with the Whoville background. Lisa is wearing her hair up. Lisa is also wearing red ornament earrings with an ornament necklace and a black shirt.]  

“Hello! Hello! Hello! My name… (interrupted)”  

[Video effect of shaky video then fade black. Fade into two people on the wide shot. On your left, Grinch with an ariel view of Whoville, and on your right, Lisa Lou Whoville.]  

Lisa: “No, no, no…Hello. I’m Lisa Lou Who from WhovilleCODIE. Guess why I’m here?”  

Grinch is clapping and rubbing their hands  

Lisa: “Tomorrow…(shaking her hand), no, no…” Lisa: “Tomorrow, on December 17, 2022, we will host Children’s Holiday Drive-Thru! Guess what…” (Interrupted)  

Grinch: clapping and rubbing their hands  

Lisa: “No, Grinch, no. Go sit over there up the mountain and stay there!”  

Grinch is shaking their head.  

Lisa: “Each child will receive gifts and a package of hot chocolate in a bag – you can drink them at home.” 

 Grinch is nodding their head.  

Lisa: “No, not you. You’re not involved.”  

Lisa: “Sorry for the interruptions… hot chocolate, gifts, craft kits for the family to make something together included in a bag. (Lisa is excited) See you tomorrow morning at 9 am…”  

Grinch: “Cool!”  

Lisa: “No, not cool for you. Grinch, you are not invited. Grinch loves to steal toys. No, you’re not allowed here.”  

Grinch is clenching their fingers.  

Lisa: “Again, December 17th is the Children’s Holiday Drive-Thru event!” She is clapping and showing thumbs up.  

Grinch is continuing to clench their fingers.  

Lisa: “Grinch, you’re interrupting me again!”  

Grinch: “I’m so excited for…”  

Grinch suddenly disappeared. Lisa: “No, no, no, no…”  

The video effect warbled and then fade out. “MOST WANTED BY THE NORTH POLE (next) 12/17/2022”:  

[“MOST WANTED BY THE NORTH POLE (next) 12/17/2022”: A graphic image of Grinch in silhouette with a glow behind.]  

[Flyer Description: A blue sky with clouds background. A silhouette head of the Grinch hiding behind the festival trees. A silhouette hand of the Grinch putting striped ornament in pink and purple with white dots on the festival trees.  

“REGISTER NOW!”: in a green saying balloon. Next, the QR code is in the green/black gradient with the CODIE logo in the middle.  

“Saturday, December 17, 2022 (next) Children’s Holiday Drive-Thru (next) 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM”: in black font on the pink banner.  

“Location: CODIE, 1737 Atlanta Ave, Suite H3A, Riverside, CA 92507 (next) Inquires:, 951-801-5674 videophone, 951-275-5000 voice”: in black font on the lime green banner.  

On the bottom left: are wrapped gift boxes in assorted colors.  

Closing credit:  

“C”: American Sign Language handshape for C  

“O”: Graphic image of Santa Claus hat on the top of green O with the white snowflakes, candy cane, and Xmas ornament.  

“D”: Graphic Image of Native American Bow shaped in D with feathers.  

“I”: Graphic Image of Mezuzah with Hanukkah Star above it.  

“E”: Graphic Image of Icy Cold Frosts of E.] 

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