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Video Description: Maisha Franklin Safford, medium tone skin woman with black shirt, silver necklace, pink/black earrings, clear framed eyeglasses and short hair.

Video Transcript: Lower left of Name in white font, next is white font: “CODIE Community Outreach” against black banner background.

Maisha: An announcement: CODIE has a webpage called Resources page. We want to show it to you!

Screen recorded of CODIE website – mouse click on Resources and show Resources page as it is being scrolled down.

Maisha: See that? What type of information is on Resources page? Did you get layoff? Are you not receiving the paycheck because you couldn’t go to work or couldn’t work from home? Utility bill – cannot pay or cannot afford it. Are you struggling to provide food for the family? Are your children struggling to learn online because neither your family have internet access nor computer/laptop to use for online learning. Are your children currently enrolling online learning but don’t know where to find other online learning resources? This page has a lot of information and resources plus updated information for the homeless. We will update the information on Resources page almost everyday. You can also check updated information & resources out at CODIE facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you.


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