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This is an informational video presented on behalf of Energy Upgrade California and does not necessarily express the views of the Deaf Community Services.

The messages are educational and can assist you in managing your energy bills.  This video is approximately 3 minutes in length.

New Year’s Resolutions for Saving Energy Tips

The New Year is fast approaching. Now, we encourage you to make a list of resolutions related to saving and managing your electricity, conserving the environment, and being able to potentially save some money throughout the year of  2020. We want to remind you of the tips we shared from all the vlogs since the beginning of January 2019.  Here are 10 tips and you can make your own resolutions to save energy and conserve the environment.

 TIP 1

Image of  too many lights on in the house

Don’t leave your lights on.

 This is a simple resolution. It can make a big difference on your electricity bill. For instance, if you are in your bedroom reading a book and no one is in the living room and kitchen, please make sure that you turn off the lights in the living room and the kitchen.


Images of several power strips

Use more power strips.

 If your appliance plugs are in the outlets while not in use,  in fact, those appliances are still using  power when they are plugged in and it is called  “energy vampire” (PIP text: Energy Vampire”). It is suggested that you buy power strips, as needed, and put plugs  into the power strips and you can turn them off at once.  

 TIP 3

Image of shower

 Take shorter showers.

It is suggested that you take a shorter shower and that means you are using less hot water. That way, you can manage your electricity and potentially lower your electricity bill.  

 TIP 4

Image of ceiling fan -> clockwise -> counter-clockwise

 Use your ceiling fans.

 It is important to manage your  AC system. You should start using your ceiling fans more often. During the winter season, set your ceiling fan to spin clockwise. When the weather is cold, the ceiling fan will pull the warm air down from the ceiling.

 During the summer season, set your ceiling fan to spin counter-clockwise. It creates a wind-chill effect when it’s warm.


Image of the programmable thermostat

 Get a programmable thermostat.

 If you have a programmable thermostat, you can save both energy and money by setting your heater or air conditioning to run only when you need it while you are home.


Images of the dishwasher, washing machine and Power Down 4-9 logo

  Wash full loads of dishes and/or clothes.

 Both dishwashers and washing machines consume a lot of energy due to hot water. It is suggested that you wait until you have a full load of dishes or clothes and  wash them before 4pm or after 9pm.

 TIP 7

Images of door and windows closed

 Keep doors and windows closed.

 When your heater or air conditioning is on, make sure you close your doors and windows completely  to prevent either hot or cold air from flowing into your home. If that happens, it will cause your HVAC sytem work harder than normal.


Image of traditional light bulb -> LED or CFL light bulbs

 Invest in energy efficient light bulbs.

The traditional incandescent light bulbs consume more energy than LED or CFL light bulbs. It is suggested that you replace those incandescent light bulbs with  either LED or CFL light bulbs. Once you do that, your electricity bill will  decrease.

 TIP 9

Image of freezer

 Keep the freezer full.

 This is a similar concept as loading your dishes or laundry. Your freezer will use more energy if you have a few food items stored in the freezer. If possible, stock up your freezer with food to maximize the energy.

TIP 10

Image of ductwork—HVAC system

Maintain your ductwork.

Here is the last tip. It is suggested that you investigate your ductwork. It is important to maintain it from time to time, so you can prevent it from leaking either hot or cold air coming from your HVAC system. It is good to keep your HVAC system under control such as getting your car serviced.  

Now, you have learned all 10 tips from the vlogs that were shared throughout 2019.  We hope that you will join us in  making New Year’s resolutions based on those tips. The ultimate goal is to improve your energy usage and conserve the environment.  

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