An important update about the FED-ED benefits extension for people who used up their regular unemployment benefits during the pandemic. If you need document translation or advocacy services, please reach out to our GLAD-EDD offices, or any of our advocates at
(In top right corner, Employment Development Department: State of California logo. GLAD, OC-DEAF, CODIE, TCGLAD, and BGLAD logos. In bottom left corner, name tag with CODIE logo “Maisha Franklin Stafford, CODIE Community Outreach”) (in top left, State of California EDD logo with text “FED-ED Extension) For people who got laid off from their jobs, work hours reduced, or had reduced or zero income during the pandemic, people who applied for UI and got the FED-ED extension which is part of EDD’s Unemployment Insurance (UI). This is an important update about the FED-ED extension. Last July 2020, EDD announced FED-ED extension lasts up to 20 weeks. (in top left, “FED-ED cut from 20 weeks, now 13 weeks”) That information has changed, because federal funding for FED-ED is running out. Funding will turn over to the state of California’s funds.Before FED-ED lasted 20 weeks, now it is up to 13 weeks. EDD announced that people who applied for FED-ED before August 8, 2021 and who already got 13 weeks of benefits have already stopped receiving benefits on August 7. (in top left, “FED-ED Extension Expires after: Sept. 4” with calendar graphic) The FED-ED extension expires after Sept 4, 2021. (in top left, “FED-ED applies up to 13 eligible weeks from May 10, 2020 to Sept 11, 2021”) FED-ED only applies between May 10, 2020 to September 11, 2021. If you already applied for FED-ED, or reach 13 weeks of FED-ED benefits between Aug 8 —28, 2021, (in top left, “May switch to PEUC (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensentation) FED-ED benefits will stop, but you may switch to PEUC benefits. EDD automatically screens to see if you are eligible for PEUC. If you qualify, EDD will send you a letter. PEUC benefits also last until September 4, 2021. If you need document translation or advocacy services, contact GLAD-EDD or any of our advocates. (fade out, text shows contact info for GLAD, OC-DEAF, BGLAD, CODIE, TCGLAD, and all 8 GLAD-EDD offices. Visit for full contact info)

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