Family Outreach Advocates

CODIE’s Family Outreach Advocates work with deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled youth, plus their parents and/or legal guardians, to create positive outcomes and ensure a higher quality of life.

Family Advocacy

Support youth and their parents/legal guardians during interactions with schools and other organizations.

Laws & Regulations

Clarity laws and regulations that apply to Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing Youth


Refer to support services, educational tools, and other information.

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Family Advocacy

This is how #YourDeafChild will develop a strong language foundation for lifelong success. From eye contact to rhythm, there are many ways to help your deaf child along the path to language acquisition. Start today: #YourDeafChild #LEADK #LoveAndLanguage

How Your Deaf Child Acquires Language

We advocate with families of deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled children (DHH) during meetings, including:

Parent and Teacher meet as a child looks up to them

We educate about resources and laws that apply to children, such as:

IEP meeting


  • Accompanies parents and/or legal guardians to IEP and IFSP meetings
  • Develops relationships and establishes resource networks
  • Provides educational workshops
  • Refers families to Centers and other programs


  • Receive one-on-one consultations and assessments
  • Increase family’s ability to support child academically
  • Connect to other families
  • Support group for parents and/or legal guardians
  • Learn about rights of DHH children and parents and/or legal guardians

We are trained in American Sign Language (ASL) instruction and interaction with DHH children and their families.  We work to:

  • Involve family members in our ASL sessions with the child
  • Educate families about Deaf Culture and Communities through events, workshops, and resource fairs.

ASL instruction and interaction also includes:


  • Provide regular support sessions at home, library, and/or our office
  • Teach the family how to use ASL in daily routines and activities
  • Helps the family understand Deaf culture, including facial expressions, body movement, and visual learning importance
  • Navigate the family into the Deaf community


  • Build child’s self-advocacy skills
  • Provide Deaf culture information
  • Strengthen family relationships at home
  • Support group for children and youth to connect
  • Support child’s language development

Laws and Regulations


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