Join us at the Kujichagulia gathering on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at 10 am. Drinks and refreshments will be provided.  

Kujichagulia is about bringing the Black Deaf community together for meaningful discussions on self-determination. We believe that by defining ourselves, naming ourselves, creating for ourselves, and speaking for ourselves, we can strengthen our community and empower each other.  

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LaTasha, a black deaf person with long hair locks and wearing yellow shirt with purple background: “Hello! We have an event called Kujichagulia ASL Red Table”. 

An image of Kujichagulia Symbol: “Kujichagulia ASL Red Table”.  

Maisha, a black deaf person with short hair, eyeglasses, and wearing off cream top with white/blue swirl background: “What is Kujichagulia ASL Red Table? It’s a gathering where we come together to have discussions about Kujichagulia”. 

Deb, a black deaf person with short hair, eyeglasses, wearing wooden earrings and off cream top with brown drape background: “Self-Determination”. 

LaTasha: “Define Ourselves”. 

Maisha, wearing green blouse: “Name Ourselves”. 

Deb: “Create Ourselves”. 

LaTasha: “Speak for Ourselves”. 

Maisha: “We all can share information together”.  

Deb: “Would you like to participate? Join us!”. 

Latasha: “We will provide drinks and refreshments. When? What time? Saturday, February 3 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Where? At CODIE, 1737 Atlanta Ave, Suite H3A, Riverside, CA 92507.” 

Closing credits: Dark background of Kujichagulia ASL Red Table changing to light background.] 

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