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Energy Upgrade California

Vlog #13 on Holiday Tips

November 2019


English Version:

Image: DCS logo presents


Image: Energy Upgrade California logo



This is an informational video presented on behalf of Energy Upgrade California and does not necessarily express the views of the Deaf Community Services.


The messages are educational and can assist you with managing your energy bills.  This video is approximately 3 minutes in length.


Text: Switch to LED Holiday Lights

Image of red LED holiday light comparing to regular red holiday light


Regular holiday lights consume a lot more energy than LED holiday lights. With LED holiday lights, you save approximately 80% of electricity.


Text Limit the Time Lights are On

Image of timer and “4pm to 9pm Power down with Energy Upgrade California logo


Wait until after 9pm to turn on your holiday  lights, then turn them off before you go to bed. Six hours or less of daily use is a good goal to aim for. Do you have trouble remembering to turn your lights on and off? Then, set a timer, and feel at peace!


Text: Turn Off Room Lights When the Tree is Lit

Image of Christmas tree with lit on in the living room with a lamp light on


The lights on your holiday decorations, including Christmas tree,  should provide more than enough lighting to brighten the entire room. No need to use extra lights!


Text: Turn the Thermostat Down When You Have Guests

Image of party of people in the house during the holiday


When you invite your guests, you will need to turn your thermostat down because more bodies in the house give the house warmth. That’s cost-saving!


Text: Buy Gifts that Don’t Use Electricity or Batteries

Image of 3 wrapped holiday gifts with decorations


If you want to avoid  spending money on batteries and/or electricity, buy a gift that does not need batteries or require electricity.  Make a pledge to buy energy-saving gifts!


Text: Invest in Rechargeable Batteries and a Charger

Image of rechargeable batteries in a charger


If you buy or receive gifts that require batteries, consider purchasing rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Rechargeable batteries consume less electricity than regular batteries. Also, rechargeable batteries last longer than regular batteries.


Text: Buy Energy Star Electronics

Image of Energy Star logo


It is encouraged that you  select Energy Star certified electronics such as TVs, Blu-Ray players, and cordless phones that use less electricity than the non-cerifiied counterparts. For a list of qualifying models, please visit –  energystar.gov. Shop smart!


Text: Bake Several Dishes at a Time

Image of a person put muffin pan filled eith bakery in the oven


The holiday season is all about  baking! Some of you probably use energy to cook or bake several dishes. Just remember, if your oven heats up to 350 degrees to cook several dishes at once, it is consume the same amount of electricity when you use the oven with one dish.


Text: Use the Smallest Appliance to Get the Job Done

Image of food dishes in the microwave and meat roast in the toaster


It is encouraged that you  use your microwave and/or toaster for small holiday dishes, so that you can  use the oven for bigger holiday dishes.


Text: Keep Lids on Pots

Image of a cooking pot with lid on the stove with steaming


Cooking food in the pot with lid covered will cook faster and use less energy.


Text: Unplug Phantom Energy Users Before You Go On Vacation

Image of unplug cord


Before you leave for  vacation, make sure you unplug your TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, radios, many other electronics to save energy and electricity costs.


Image: Energy Upgrade California Logo

Please check out their website.


Thank you!


Image: DCS logo; text: “In Partnership With”; Energy Upgrade CA logo


Image: beach background with cloudy and blue sky; text: Keep it Golden with Energy Upgrade California logo; text: “When electricity is used matters as much as how much electricity is used.”


Image: SDG&E Sempra Energy Utility logo; Text: Discount Programs, CARE & FERA; URL address: https://www.sdge.com/residential/pay-bill/get-payment-bill-assistance/assistance-programs,

Text: CARE Program with ASL vlog; URL address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8c7zT4YzR0&t=1s


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