Pre-Order Your Pizza from piOOa Pizza Napoletana.
You can use QR code to pre order the pizza!
Deadline to order pizza by September 9, 2022.
$15 each with a choice of Soppresata Pizza or Margherita Pizza.
You can pick them up during Deaf Awareness Week Kick-Off at CODIE on September 17, 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm at CODIE, 1737 Atlanta Ave, Suite H3A, Riverside, CA 92507.
10% of the proceeds will be donated to CODIE.
Order TODAY before they run out!
[Post Description:
Left Column: A black background. “piOOa Pizza Napoletana” logo shows a blue outlined pizza pan with a handle.
Right Column: “Pre-Order Only at (next line) (next line) handcrafted, baked, then frozen”.
“Pre-Order deadline by September 9th”
“10% of the proceeds will be donated to CODIE”: in yellow font.
Left Column:
“Frozen Pizza Menu (next line) $15 Each”
QR code in gradient color of black and green with piOOa logo in middle.
Right Column:
“Soppresata Pizza (next line) (soppressara, pomodro sauce, (next line) fresh mozzarella, *homemade spicy chili crunch”: with an image of pizza.
“Margerita Pizza (next line) pomodoro sauce, (next line) fresh mozzarella, basil”: with an image of pizza.
CODIE logo in green. “PICK-UP on September 17th (next line) Time: 10 AM to 2 PM (next) Location: 1737 Atlanta Avenue, Suite H3A, Riverside, CA 92507”]

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