ASL Riverside Meetup is now called Riverside ASL Social.  We   now  meet on the  2nd Friday of the month from 6pm to 8 pm unless otherwise noted.  Next month, it will be the 1st  Friday  – Feb. 5, 2010  because of holiday weekend.   

 This social is held in Riverside, at Tyler Mall Galleria food court located on the second floor.  This social is for anyone who would like to learn, practice and socialize with other Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing. 

CODIE  Hard of Hearing  Advocate – Pauline Strickland leads the group and shares information about CODIE services, current events and services she provides as an advocate. 

Those that know ASL are encouraged to join us with support in assisting others learn the beautiful language of ASL, while having a good time and possibly making new friends.

Located at:

Galleria at Tyler Mall
1299 Tyler St
Riverside, CA 92503


Visits: 873