Community Education

At CODIE, Community Education follows two paths; education to the deaf and hard of hearing community and education to the hearing community. Through workshops and individual activities, the deaf community receives information to help them make informed choices and decisions, and the hearing community is afforded the opportunity to gain a better understanding of deaf and hard of hearing community.

·    Sensitivity Training and Workshops

·    Booth and Exhibits

·    Educational/Cultural/Social Workshops

Human Services

·    Information and Referrals

·    Peer Counseling

·    Independent Living Skills

·    Communication Access / Video Phone availability


CODIE advocates are dedicated to protect and advance the legal rights of deaf and hard of hearing people as individuals and as a class. Past advocacy work has aided in the creation of the California Relay Service, the courtroom interpreter, telephone assistive listening devices and in educating lawmakers about the educational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children. Services for individuals include advice and referrals for general legal problems as well as representation in cases of discrimination and special education.

CODIE also serves as an advocate/liaison for social security recipients, immigration issues and to parents planning their deaf child’s education (IEP).


CODIE’s peer counselors, communicating in the consumer’s preferred mode, teach independent living skills, provide information, support and help in time of crisis.

Family Health Services

·    Drug & Alcohol Prevention

·    Health Promotion and Wellness

·    Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

Special Interest Groups

·    Anger Management

·    Domestic Violence

·    Parenting Class

·    Senior Citizens and much more…

Job Placement

CODIE is assists in breaking down barriers in order to provide full job satisfaction.

One of the organization’s most successful job placement programs is coordinated with the California Employment Development Department. (EDD)

For more information, contact the local EDD office nearest you.

1161 Spruce Street
Riverside, CA 92507
951-955-2245 (TTY)
951-955-2212 (Voice)
951-955-2220 (Fax)