Blue school on the right side. A black woman with medium length hair, brown jacket, pink dress, light brown backpack and red sandal waving hi at the bottom right. On the left; "Wear a mask if you're in a... youth setting (like k-12 schools, childcare, and etc.)"]
Yellow/Orange/light red housing on the top right. On the left: "Wear a mask if you're in a... state and local shelter ( like homeless shelters, emergency shelters and cooling centers.)"
Blue/red hospital on your bottom left. In the center; "Wear a mask if you're in a... hospital setting (this includes long term care facilities.)"
White/blue airplane flying at the top right and green/gray public bus at the bottom right. In the center "Wear a mask if you're... on public transportation (at all times - even if you're vaccinated)"
When to wear masks:
Unvaccinated and vaccinated people: wear a mask if you’re on public transportation, hospital setting including long term care facilities, state and local shelter like homeless and emergency shelters, and cooling centers. Wear mask when you’re in youth setting such as K-12 schools.

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