For World AIDS Day, we remind you of the importance of getting tested.

Our Health Educator Angela invites you to receive free testing, private appointments, and/or group workshops. Visit or contact

Video Description:
(Different shots of people signing at outdoor locations.)
Person 1: I didn’t use a condom.
Person 2: My husband had an affair and I’m concerned.
Person 3: I’ve had an STD so I’m more vulnerable.
Person 4: It’s fast and confidential.
Person 5: I want to be healthy and live longer.
Person 6: These are our reasons for getting an HIV test. What are yours?

Worldplay, Inc., the production company behind “See What I’m Saying” produced a public service announcement for GLAD.
“BECAUSE” Director/Producer – Hilari Scarl
Cinematographer/Graphics – Jeff Gatesman
Music – Kubilay Uner
Sound Design – Joe Milner/Puget
Sound ASL Consultants: Robert DeMayo, Lisa Hermatz
Executive Producer: Dr. Patty Hughes
Producer: Heidi Booth
Special Thanks: Maisha Franklin Safford, Jennifer Choi
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD)
Cast: Natasha Ofili, Maria Correa, Karla Gutierrez, Christine Visser, Lisa Hermatz, Ashley Fiolek]

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